You are viewing the v1 Nacelle Docs for existing merchants.New merchants can find the V2 docs here:

# Data Ingestion API

Data Ingestion is a graphql API for sending create, update, and delete events to Nacelle.

Space ID and Token

For API requests you will need the Nacelle Space ID and token found in the Nacelle Dashboard.

The x-nacelle-space-token is the Private Token for Data Ingestion.

Required Headers

  • x-nacelle-space-id
  • x-nacelle-space-token

Optional Header

  • client-name

# GraphQL API Documentation

Once your token and space ID is set, you will be able to read the the Nacelle GraphQL documentation directly in your API Client. All mutations and objects are self documented in this manner.

# Custom Backend Integrations

Nacelle was built for custom from the ground up. See details of custom integration work with Nacelle in the Custom Integration Guide.