# Spaces

You can use the Nacelle Dashboard to control your e-commerce and CMS data connections, manage users, set navigation, and set global metafields.

# Settings

You can view or update your Space's settings at any time under the Settings tab.


  • Space ID - Your unique Space ID.
  • Endpoint - Your GraphQL endpoint for querying Hail Frequency.
  • Private Token - This token should be used with Nacelle backend services such as the Dilithium API. It is needed for mutating data and should NOT be exposed on any public-facing site.
  • Public Token - This token should be used with Nacelle frontend services such as the Client JS SDK (opens new window) or Hail Frequency API (opens new window).

# Users

You can add and remove users under the Users tab. There are 5 default roles for Nacelle users

  • Super Admin - Can delete a space, add/remove users, alter data sources, alter brand settings
  • Admin - Can add/remove users, alter data sources, alter brand settings
  • Developer - Can alter data sources
  • Marketing - Can alter brand settings
  • Agent - Can alter data sources and brand settings

# Indices

Each space includes a Product Index, Collection Index and Content Index. All indices share functionality which makes it easier to manage your store's data all in one place.

# Re-indexing whole index

Visit the Product Index for example, and you will see a button called "Re-index Products." Clicking this button will refresh all product records from your e-commerce platform.

# Re-indexing a single item

Each item in an index can also be re-indexed at any time, as needed.

# Delete an item

Clicking "delete" for a specific item will remove it from the Nacelle index.

Note: If the data still exists in your e-commerce platform, the next time the index receives an update, that item may be replaced.

# Clear an index

If necessary, you can clear an index completely before you re-index from your e-commerce platform.

# Viewing item data

You can click the title of an item to view its data. A JSON representation is also available if preferred.

Control your link lists for adding navigation menus to your storefront.

By default every new space is created with a link list with the handle, main-menu. The Nacelle Nuxt Starter project uses this link list to set up the global header navigation menu and the mobile, fly-out menu.

To reorder links, simply drag and drop. Once completed be sure to hit the "Save updates" button. To nest link lists within links simply drag the link block to the right or left within the dashboard. Links will nest up to 3 layers deep.

Learn more about adding custom navigation to your Nacelle Nuxt Starter project here.

# Metafields

Add, remove and edit metafields for your store. This is a global key/value store which can be accessed in the global Space object. This is a wonderful place to put things like storefront metatags