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# Running a CRON Job with GitHub Actions

In your project root, create a .github/workflows directory containing a scheduled-builds.yml file. Let's use the following template as a starting point:

# .github/workflows/scheduled-builds.yml
name: Trigger Site Rebuild on a CRON Schedule

    # Runs "at minute 55 past every hour" (see
    - cron: '55 * * * *'
    name: Trigger Site Rebuild
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: cURL request
        # Hit the webhook endpoint to rebuild  from the "main" branch
        run: curl -X POST -d {} https://<webhook-endpoint-url>

# Add the Webhook URL

Add the webhook URL generated in the previous step to the run (opens new window) command at the end of the file.

# Configure the Schedule

This GitHub action uses CRON (opens new window) patterns to define a schedule that will drive the job that hits the webhook endpoint to trigger a site rebuild. You can use the (opens new window) tool to check that a CRON pattern matches the intended schedule.

If we paste the CRON pattern in the template (55 * * * *) in the Crontab Guru, we see that this schedule corresponds to “At minute 55.” This means that the site will rebuild every hour at hh:55. If we wanted to build the site twice an hour, then we could use the pattern 25,55 * * * * to build the site “At minute 25 and 55.” shows that  corresponds to “At minute 55.”

# Deploy the GitHub Action

Once you have added the CRON pattern of your choosing, commit & push this file to your GitHub repository to initiate the GitHub Action.