# Contentful Webhooks

Use Contentful webhooks for automatically keeping your content and Nacelle content index in sync.

For additional information see Contentful's docs (opens new window).

# Setup

Log in to your Contentful dashboard and go to Settings > Webhooks. From here you can view and edit your webhooks, as well as review logs.

# Add Content Update Webhook

Click the button for "Add Webhook". Give your webhook a name like "Nacelle Content Update". For the URL field make sure "POST" is selected and copy and paste Nacelle's webhook receiver API url:


Under Triggers, choose the option for "Select specific triggering events". Then check the box in the grid for the row, "Entry", and for the columns, "Publish" and "Unpublish". Make sure no other cells are checked. This will ensure that Contentful will only send Nacelle a webhook when a content entry has been published.

You can leave filters alone if you use the default "master" environment. Though filters are a powerful tool if you ever want to customize which webhooks events are sent out.

Under headers you need to add three custom headers. Click "Add custom header" and paste the following into the Key and Value fields:

  • x-nacelle-space-id - Your Nacelle space id
  • x-nacelle-space-token - Your Nacelle space token
  • x-contentful-api-token - Your Contentful "Content Delivery API - access token"

Save your new webhook.