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# DNS Setup

# 1. Update Time to Live (TTL) Values

Update your A record and CNAME record TTLs to be as short as possible for your root domain and any applicable subdomains (60 or 300, whichever is the smallest allowed by your DNS Provider). This will ensure that the internet's routing system purges DNS records quickly for your site so propagation times are minimized. This should be done at least a week in advance of launch.

# 2. Create Checkout Subdomain

  1. Create a checkout subdomain in your DNS Provider, and add it to your Shopify domains dashboard. You can follow the steps outlined in this doc from Shopify (opens new window).

  2. Once Shopify has validated the subdomain, update the GraphQL Endpoint used in Checkout Settings on the Nacelle Dashboard to use the checkout subdomain instead of the myshopify domain.

Checkouts will now route through your subdomain!

# 3. Update Root Domain

  1. Update your A record to point to your production IP address. For example, if you are using Vercel for deployment, set it to

  2. Update the Primary Domain in your Shopify admin to use the checkout subdomain.