# Nacelle App For Contentful

We have created a Nacelle app for Contentful which makes it really easy to link products and collections into your custom Content Types.

# Installation

  1. Inside of Contentful, click your organization's name in the top left corner of the app
  2. In the slide out menu that appears, click "Organization settings & subscriptions"
  3. In the top navigation click "Apps"
  4. On the next page, click "Create an App"
  5. Name the app whatever you want (we recommend "Nacelle")
  6. Provide the Nacelle App URL: https://contentful-app-nacelle.netlify.app
  7. In the "Locations" section that appears on the page, check the boxes for "App configuration screen" and "Entry field"
  8. Check the box for "Short text" inside the "Entry field" location
  9. Click "Create app"
  10. On the next screen, click "Install to space" in the top right corner
  11. In the modal that appears, select the environment to deploy to. Typically this will be "master"
  12. On the next screen, enter your Nacelle Space ID and Token, and click "Install"

# Field Setup

  1. Navigate to the Content Model you want to set up the link for. Add a new field and name it either "Product Handle" or "Collection Handle"
  2. Navigate to the Appearance settings for the new field. Scroll all the way to the right where you will see the new Nacelle app

When you add a new content entry, that field will now let you select products or collections from your catalog!