# Shopify Internationalization

Shopify does not have native support for internationalization with their products. We can, however, use the Shopify Admin to enable this in a Nacelle site.

# Create Alternate Local Products

By default when Nacelle indexes your Shopify products and collections it sets the locale string of those items to US English (en-us). For an international store you may want products data for different locales with localized titles, product descriptions, and maybe even images.

You can do this by duplicating products in Shopify, and then with a little configuration on those products, Nacelle will index the proper locale data.

# Duplicate the Product

In the Shopify Admin under a product's name is the "Duplicate" button. Click this to create a new version of the product that needs localized data.

After duplicating the product, you can then update the content with the correct translations or other locale specific alterations you need.

# Update Product Tags

In order for Nacelle to index the alternate locale product correctly, you have to add two additional tags.

First add LOCAL=*, replacing * with the proper locale string (ex: es-MX, ja-JP).

Second add HANDLE=*, replacing * with the handle of the original product. For example if the original product had the handle, blue-pants, add HANDLE=blue-pants as a tag to your new duplicate product.

These tags are necessary for Nacelle to associate the products as the same product in our index but with different localizations.

# Save and Index

If you have your webhooks configured for Shopify, when you save your new, alternate locale product, Nacelle will automatically index it. Or after saving, you can log into the Nacelle dashboard and manually reindex, by going to your space settings and clicking "Save Changes and Index Products".

Once Nacelle has indexed this localized product, you can fetch it in your frontend application. For example, if using the Nacelle Client SDK you can call

client.data.product({ handle: 'blue-pants', locale: 'ja-JP' })

to get the Japanese version of your "Blue Pants" product.

Also see our Nacelle Nuxt Starter internationalization docs for using this data in our Nuxt starter.