# Previewing Products

# Preparing Products for Preview

Nacelle uses a Shopify tag to determine which products to index or not. Any product that is tagged nacelle_preview will be skipped during indexing.


If you save a product before you add the nacelle_preview tag, it will be indexed and previewing will not work as expected. Remove the product from the Nacelle sales channel, run a manual re-indexing action in the Nacelle dashboard, add the tag, and then add the product back to the sales channel for previewing to work as expected.

# Adding Preview Connectors

Nacelle's Client Javascript SDK uses a connector architecture which can be used to add or replace functionality as needed. In the case of previewing content, we are gettting data from Shopify and Contentful directly instead of utilizing Nacelle's indeces.

In order to add preview functionality, copy the code included in this gist (opens new window) into the /plugins folder. The plugin will also need to be registered in nuxt.config.js by adding the file path to the plugins key. You may also need to add the environment variables called in the plugin if they have not been added yet.