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# Shopify Webhooks

You can use Shopify's webhooks to auto-update your product and collection indices on Nacelle.

Guides for Shopify's webhooks can be found here (opens new window).

# Setup

To create a new outgoing webhook connection, log in to your Shopify dashboard. All webhook settings are found in Settings > Notifications. Click the button for "Create webhook". For this example we will create a webhook to tell Nacelle to reindex a product when it has been updated in Shopify.

In the "Add a webhook" modal, in the dropdown for "Event" select "Product update". Then in the field for "Url" paste the url for Nacelle's webhook receiver API and click "Save webhook"

Next copy the webhook signing key at the bottom of your webhook list. Nacelle will use this to verify that webhook updates are coming from Shopify. In your space settings on Nacelle, paste the signature into the "Webhook Shared Secret" and save.

Any time a product is updated in your Shopify storefront, it will now trigger Nacelle to reindex that product and keep your data in sync.

# Webhook Endpoints

There are six endpoints for receiving different Shopify webhook events that you can configure.

  • Product Create:
  • Product Update:
  • Product Delete:
  • Collection Create:
  • Collection Update:
  • Collection Delete: