# What is Nacelle?

Nacelle is a headless eCommerce platform made for developers who want to create superior customer buying experiences. By taking care of complex back-end calls and providing connectors to your favorite front-end frameworks, we help you focus on building unique Progressive Web App (PWA) eCommerce storefronts.

When you connect your Shopify, Magento, or custom eCommerce store to Nacelle, our proprietary indexing system supplies a high-performance connection to your back end. That high performance is always on tap and available at scale, giving your customers a crisp experience from first navigation to checkout, even during significant traffic surges. This backend is fully managed by Nacelle, so you don't have to worry about scaling, updates and general DevOps.

We focus on developer happiness, customer experience, and fast load times. If anything in our platform falls short of your expectations, then we want to hear about it. Please email us: [email protected]

"Make it so"
-The Nacelle Starship Crew

# Flexible Tools

We offer a range of tools to make your development process elegant and productive. Whether you need a GraphQL API to integrate your custom build, connectors to popular Vue and React frameworks, or a full suite of pre-built components to scaffold a storefront, we've got you covered.

Our Nuxt starter comes with a rich component library to provide you with the most commonly used objects in an eCommerce build, for a truly "batteries-included" development experience. Flexibility is a top concern and all components can be altered or replaced if required.

# Under The Hood

Nacelle handles the data flow between your back end to your PWAs and custom applications, as follows:

# No Need to Migrate

Manage content with Shopify, Contentful, or Sanity and bring your product information from Shopify, Magento, or a custom store. By using Nacelle Connectors, there's no need to migrate your data to a new system and learn a new workflow.

# Dilithium API

Nacelle creates indices of your store and CMS data via our Dilithium API to enable high-speed, high-availability data retrieval.

# Hail Frequency API

Hail Frequency is a GraphQL API that surfaces all of the product and content data required to build your storefront. Hail Frequency fetches thousands of records in milliseconds and provides the highly scalable backend needed to support your eCommerce PWA.

# Nacelle Client JS SDK

The Nacelle Client JS SDK acts as a bridge between Hail Frequency and your front end application. It creates an easy interface for retrieving your space's product and content data and sending event and checkout information back to Nacelle. The SDK is framework agnostic and designed to integrate with any framework or javascript application.

# Nuxt Starter Project

Using the Hail Frequency API and Client JS SDK allows you to build your eCommerce experience with the libraries and frameworks of your choosing. To help speed up development time we have a pre-built PWA using Nuxt, a Vue.js application framework for easily making static generated or single page application sites. Our component library and Vuex stores for state management handle the heavy lifting, allowing your Nuxt, eCommerce PWA to be up and running within minutes.

Our Nuxt starter project includes updates to the build process to fetch your store data from Hail Frequency and generate a "Static API" of static JSON files. By storing those files on CDN edge servers, product and content data can be accessed quickly by the front end.

# Library & Framework Connectors

Hook up your favorite front end libraries & frameworks to your back end with the help of Nacelle connectors. Alternatively, you can handle the data fetching and state management on your own to develop custom applications for mobile, desktop, and IoT platforms.

Our Dilithium API for importing product or content data into Nacelle and our Hail Frequency API for easily retrieving that data make Nacelle a highly customizable platform. However, we have recommendations for data sources and configurations that will most easily and quickly get you up and running.

Requirement Recommendation
Product data and processing checkout Shopify
CMS data Contentful
Frontend App NuxtJS (opens new window) and Nacelle Nuxt Starter

Follow along with our quick start guide to set up and deploy an eCommerce PWA using this configuration.