# The Nacelle Nuxt Starter

If you're looking to get moving quickly with a truly "batteries-included" development experience, our Nuxt (opens new window) Starter is an excellent choice.

The quick start guide will help you get started using the starter with Shopify as your eCommerce platform and Contentful for content.

# What Is Nuxt?

Nuxt (opens new window) is a Vue.js (opens new window) framework for web sites and web apps. While these docs explain many aspects of the Nacelle Nuxt Starter, they also assume a working knowledge of Vue.js and Nuxt. If you are not already comfortable with creating Vue components and Nuxt projects, please stop here and refer to the following resources:

# Features

# Routing and Data Fetching

The pages/ directory sets up routing conventions followed by many eCommerce storefronts. Each page template is set up to fetch product, collection, and content data from the Nacelle indices.

# Pre-Built Components

Our Nuxt starter comes with some pre-built, customizable Vue components to provide you with commonly-used components of an eCommerce build. These are just a starting point, and you're free to modify or discard components to suit your project's needs.

# Pre-configured dev environment

It can be exhausting to install and configure ESLint, Prettier, Babel etc. in a new JavaScript project. That's why we've provided sensible defaults, so you can start creating your storefront's components as soon as you open your editor. Speaking of editors, we've also provided some project-level VSCode (opens new window) settings to take your development experience to the next level.

# Testing

The Nuxt Starter comes with Jest (opens new window) and @vue/test-utils (opens new window). Deploy your project with confidence by writing unit tests. For projects deployed to GitHub, the GitHub Action (opens new window) in .github/workflows/ci.yml will provide a code coverage report whenever a Pull Request is made.