You are viewing the v1 Nacelle Docs for existing merchants.New merchants can find the V2 docs here:

# Join A Pre-Existing Project

Follow the steps below to join a pre-existing Nacelle project.

# Git Clone

To get started, you will need to clone the Nacelle project locally. To do this, please follow GitHub's step by step instruction on Cloning a Repository.

# Local Environment Variables

Lastly, you will need to add a .env file in the root of the cloned Nacelle project.

Type the following into your command line:

touch .env

Now open and the new .env file you just created, then copy and paste the following in:

NACELLE_GRAPHQL_TOKEN="<your space token>"
NACELLE_SPACE_ID="<your space id>"

Navigate to your space in the dashboard. Under settings, find the top section labeled "API," and copy-paste your Space ID and your GraphQL Token into the .env file (be sure to leave the quotes.)

If you do not have access to the Space in your Dashboard, you will need to request access from a user with either Super Admin or Admin privileges.

Save and close the .env file.

# NPM Install

Type npm install into the root of your newly cloned project, and Nacelle will take care of the rest.

When the installation completes, you can run the project locally with npm run dev.