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# Littledata Setup

To fully integrate Littledata and Nacelle, please follow the steps below.

# Add Module to Nacelle

Once you have Nacelle, Google Analytics and LittleData set up you can install this module in your project from npm:

npm install @nacelle/nacelle-littledata-nuxt-module --save

After the package has installed, open nuxt.config.js. Under modules add @nacelle/nacelle-littledata-nuxt-module to the array. It should look something like this:

modules: [

Then add the little data client id to your checkout process in cart.js by using the new function that has been added to your project $getLittleDataMetafield like so:

const processCheckoutObject = await this.$nacelle.checkout
    cartItems: getters.checkoutLineItems,
    checkoutId: getters.checkoutIdForBackend,
    metafields: [await this.$getLittleDataMetafield()]