You are viewing the v1 Nacelle Docs for existing merchants.New merchants can find the V2 docs here:

# nuxt.config.js

# Configuring Project Settings

Your Nacelle space is connected to the Nacelle Nuxt Starter by the spaceId and token settings in the nacelle block of nuxt.config.js:

export default {
  // ...other config,
  publicRuntimeConfig {
    nacelle: {
      id: process.env.NACELLE_SPACE_ID,
      token: process.env.NACELLE_GRAPHQL_TOKEN,
      nacelleEndpoint: process.env.NACELLE_ENDPOINT

      /* Optional */
      // locale: 'en-us'

These values are populated by environment variables in your project's .env file:


The values for NACELLE_SPACE_ID, NACELLE_GRAPHQL_TOKEN & NACELLE_ENDPOINT can be found in the Nacelle Dashboard (opens new window).

# defaultLocale

The default locale used by the Nacelle Client JS SDK instance exposed by the $nacelle plugin.

default: 'en-us'

# endpoint

By default the Nacelle client will fetch data from a stable version of the Storefront API. This can be customized, however, if for some reason you needed to use a different version of the API than the default.

default: ''